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Starters, Salads & Mezedes


1. Bread (with spread)

2. Garlic bread

3. Pita bread (with spread)


All omelets are served with French fries

4. Plain omelet

5. Ham and cheese

6. Mushroom omelet

7. Mexican omelet, spicy vegetarian omelet

8. Shrimp omelet

9. Special omelet, ham, cheese, bacon, pepper, mushroom, tomato, onion


10. Club sandwich (with French fries)

11. Pita Club Agalma
(Pita bread Club sandwich stuffed with thin minced meat beef and cheese served with French fries)

12. Special Hamburger AGALMA
(Burger with crispy bacon, caramelised onion, BBQ sauce served with potato wedges)

13. Spicy Chicken wings (Served with salad and potato wedges)



14. Tomato soup

15. Mushroom soup (creamy)

16. Vegetarian soup

17. Shrimp soup
(creamy soup with shrimps and potatoes)

18. Salmon soup
(creamy soup with salmon and potatoes)



19. Greek salad
(Greek salad with feta drizzled with olive oil and vinegar)

20. Chef salad
(lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, ham, cheese, egg, cocktail sauce)

21. Tuna salad
(lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion and tuna fish)

22. Caesar salad
(lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, chicken, gruton bread with creamy garlic sauce)

23. AGALMA salad
(mixed salad with crispy bacon, halloumi cheese, pomegranate and vinaigrette sauce )

24. King prawn cocktail
(king prawns, tomato, cucumber, green salad and delicious cocktail sauce)

25. Smoked salmon salad


Mezedes (appetizers)

26. Tzatziki
(yoghurt with cucumber and garlic)

27. Fried aubergine

28. Stuffed pepper
(red pepper florinis stuffed with feta, mixed cheese and garlic)

29. Grilled halloumi cheese

30. Keftedakia
(small meat balls)

31. Boujourdi
(Hot spicy feta baked in the oven with pepper, tomato and oregano, served with pita)

32. Stuffed fetacheese
(grilled feta stuffed with yellow cheese)

33. Shrimp saganaki
(shrimps cooked in delicious spicy tomato sauce)

34. Mussel saganaki
(mussels in delicious piquant red sauce)

35. Cheese saganaki
(deep fried cheese)

36. Feta saganaki

37. Stuffed mushrooms
(Portobello mushrooms stuffed with Philadelphia cheese, crispy bacon, garlic and cheese)

38. Spetzofai
(A rustic spicy Greek dish made of thick country sausages, peppers and mushroom in a rich tomato sauce)

39. Bekri meze
(fried pork with onion, pepper, oregano and mushroom in Red wine sauce)

40. Mixed meze plate a´la Agalma
( plate with assortment of Greek appetizers, for 2 persons)

41. Mixed vegetarian meze plate a´la Agalma
(plate with assortment of Greek appetizers for vegetarians, for 2 persons)


Main Menu

Greek Specialities

Served with choice of either rice or
French fries, potato wedges, baked
potato, cream potatoes or special garlic

42. Moussaka
(also vegetarian option) (layers of eggplant, minced meat and potatoes topped with cheese sauce and baked)

43. Pastitsio
(macaroni with meat and Béchamel, baked)

44. Giovetsi
(veal with pasta in tomato sauce)

45. Stifado
(veal meat stewed with onion)

46. Gemista
(tomato and pepper stuffed with minced meat and rice)

47. Soutzoukakia
(big meatballs cooked and served in tomato sauce)

48. Dolmades
(stuffed wine leaves)

49. Bekri meze
(fried pork with onion, oregano, mushroom and pepper in Red wine sauce)

50. Greek plate
(pieces of moussaka, pastitsio, giovetsi, Stifado, soutzoukakia, dolmades, gemista and tzatziki)

51. Kleftiko
(slow cooked oven baked Lamb, cooked with vegetables, feta, potatoes and herbs)

52. Souvlaki

1. Souvlaki, Pork
(pork meat cooked on a skewer over the grill)

2. Souvlaki chicken

3. Mixed plate Souvlaki
(plate with pork, chicken and beef souvlaki)

Souvlaki served with choice of potatoes or rice


Fillet steaks

53. Pepper Steak
( Beef fillet steak with Cognac- pepper sauce)

54. Mexican Steak
(Steak with spicy paprika & mushroom, red wine sauce)

55. Onion Steak
(Steak topped with grilled onion)

56. Garlic Steak
(Steak with fresh garlic in creamy sauce)

57. Steak Black & White
(Sliced steak with two delicious sauce; creamy white and dark sauce)

58. Agalma Steak
(Steak with creamy Metaxa – rum bacon-mushroomsauce )

59. Chateaubriand for 2 persons
(Served with sauce of your own choice)


From the grill

60. Pork chops Agalma
(grilled small pork chops with BBQ sauce)

61. Pork fillet
(grilled pork fillet with pepper sauce)

62. Pork schnitzel a’la Cream
(pork schnitzel (pork cutlet crumbed and fried) with delicious creamy mushroom sauce)

63. Stuffed schnitzel
(pork schnitzel stuffed with ham and cheese)

64. Schnitzel a’la Neskes
(fried schnitzel rolls stuffed with cheesemand mushroom, a’la Cream sauce )

65. BBQ Ribs
(grilled pork ribs with BBQ sauce)

66. Chicken fillet

67. Chicken schnitzel

68. Chicken schnitzel a’la Cream(chicken schnitzel with delicious creamy mushroom sauce )

69. Chicken a’la Neskes
(cheese & mushroom stuffed chicken roll from the owen, a’la Cream sauce )

70. Lamb Chops

71. Stuffed beefteki( minced meat beef stuffed with cheese)

72. Mixed Grill AGALMA( mixed grill plate with assortment of meat for 2 persons)


Served with choice of either rice or
French fries, potato wedges, baked
potato, cream potatoes or special garlic

73. Lobster (after order)

74. Catch of the day
(Fresh fish after order)

75. Grilled King Prawns

76. Grilled Sword fish fillet

77. Fried Sole fish fillet
(fried in butter)

78. Grilled Salmon fillet

79. Fried kalamari
(fried squid rings)

80. Shrimps on rice bed
(shrimps, onion, garlic and paprika in creamy sauce on rice bed )

81. Seaplate
(grilled salmon & King prawns with cold garlicsauce)

82. Mixed fishersman’s plate
(plate with kalamari, sole fish, salmon,mussels and king prawns ) for 2 persons


83. Spaghetti Bolognese
( minced meat sauce )

84. Spaghetti Napolitana
(tomatosauce )

85. Spaghetti Carbonara
(creamy bacon & mushroom sauce)

86. Spaghetti Mexicana
(onion, paprika and mushroom in spicy red sauce)

87. FISHERMAN’s spaghetti
(shrimps, mussels, squid, tunafish, king prawns, onion and paprika in piquant red sauce )

88. Spaghetti a’la AGALMA
(chicken, mushroom, onion and paprika in creamy sauce )

89. Spaghetti Salmone
(smoked salmon, paprika and onion in creamy sauce)

90. Spaghetti with shrimps
(shrimps, onion and garlic in spicy tomato sauce)


91.Pizza Margarita
(tomato and cheese)

92. Vegetarian
(paprika, onion, mushroom, tomato, olive and cheese )93. Hawaian

(ham and pineapple)

94. FISHERMAN’s pizza
(shrimps, mussels, squid, tunafish, tomato, onion, paprika and cheese )

95. Special AGALMA
(bacon, ham, mushroom, olives, paprika, tomato and cheese )

96. Pizza GRECO
(tomato, cheese, ham, mushroom, olive, feta and onion)

97. Pizza Bolognese


Of course we have a lot of nice desserts and ice cream too


100. Melon

101. Watermelon

102. Fresh fruit salad

Ice cream

107. Banana Split
(ice cream on banana boat)

108. Chicago
(chocolate ice cream & sauce)

109. Strawberry
(ice cream with fresh strawberries)

110. Strawberries and whipped cream

111. Milkshake
(vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or banana )

See also our coffee- and cocktail list!

(cappuccino, espresso, Greek coffee, Frappe, Irish coffee etc)

Try our Strawberry margarita ;
Made from real strawberries!



112. Greek coffee

113. Nescafe

114. Frappe (ice coffee)

115. Espresso

116. Capuccino

117. Filter coffee

118. Irish coffee

119. Calipso coffee
( filter coffee with cointreu)


122. Piña Colada
(rum,coconut cream,pineapple juice)

123. San francisco
( vodka, banana liguer, orange juice, grenadine)

124. Sex on the beach
(vodka, peach liguer, fruit punch, grenadine)

125. Teguila sunrise
(teguila, cointreau, orange juice, lemon juice, grenadine)

126. Blue lagoon
(vodka, blue curacao, lemonade)

127. Margarita
(teguila, cointreau, fresh lemon juice)

128. Special Strawberry Margarita
(teguila, cointreau, strawberries, lime ; made from real strawberries)

129. Mojito
(bacardi, sugar syrup, fresh mint, soda)

130. Strawberry Mojito

131. Mango Mojito

132. Pina Colada Mojito